Well I now have no battery power for my cell phone which was my primary navigation system, since I had lost my maps somewhere earlier on the trail. I still have my inReach personal locating beacon that I can use for emergencies contact and text messaging. I knew where to go but was not sure where the water sources were so I was dependent on others to keep me informed. I met many wonderful hikers from all over the world: Germany, Switzerland, England, Canada and Hong Kong. The Pacific Crest Trail attracts hikers worldwide. That day we climb to about 8500 feet. It had gotten a lot cooler as we climbed higher.In the distance I could see San Gorgonio, the highest peak in Southern California. I also met this interesting musician as I was climbing up the mountain.Late that afternoon I ran into Jeff from South Dakota. We hiked together to about 4 PM and walked over to the highway and hitched a ride into Big Bear. I hiked about 16 miles that day but needed a day off the trail. I got a motel room, washed my clothes, took a shower and went out to dinner. I was tired and sore needed a zero day.

4 thoughts on “4/10/18”

  1. Dedicated musician, to haul his guitar on the trail! I’d go with just my own voice–not a perfect instrument, but very lightweight!
    Have you happened upon any lone hikers singing to themselves?


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