4/14/18. Got to sleep early last night at hikers midnight which his dusk. Up early and hit the trail to do 8 miles by 10 PM. We all have been notified that was there would be trail magic at mile 298. Hamburgers hotdogs fruit salad cookies soft drinks. You name it they had it. It was sponsored by a local hiking club. after an hour break I realized it wasn’t Friday that it was Saturday. Got motivated to make church on Sunday so height 24 miles to a road access Hesperia. Lots of hikers on the trail today. Many of them heading towards the hot springs. Wandered through deep Creek Canyon for miles with frequent opportunities for water. I particularly noticed the many varieties of wildflowers. It’s amazing how they survive in this climate in thrive this time of year. Another evidence of a divine creator.

I meant two hikers near my destination and got a ride into town to motel. Washed my clothes had some dinner and took a shower and headed off to bed. The simple life.

3 thoughts on “4/14/18”

  1. We had Jack in our home today for lunch. What a stud of a man. Not only is he thru-hiking the PCT at 71 years young, he made time to go to church. That is the true definition of discipleship and a god fearing man. Good luck! Motion is lotion, we will be tracking you.


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