4/19/18. Slept in Wrightwood in the motel last night. Got up early and had a trail angel take me up to where I got off the trail yesterday. Cold and windy and when we arrive it was snowing a little bit at the trailhead. Headed up the trailhead with Shuttle but she quickly lost me as he’s a fast hiker, the fastest I’ve seen on the trail.

Big climb this morning hiking to 9400 feet to the top of Baden Powell. The winds were strong and cold and I had every stitch of clothing on the stay warm.

After coming down from Baden Powell Peek I met Calculus. As we descended we could see the clouds blowing in with the late afternoon sun creating a beautiful picture.

We came to a good campsite about 6 o’clock that gave us a view of the Los Angeles area and the lights of the city. During the night I got up to go to the bathroom and I could not see the lights of the city. When I woke in the morning I found that the city was covered with fog far below us.

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