4/22/18. Got up at 6 AM as usual and was on the trail by seven headed into Acton. The trail is up and down but in general to desend to about 2500 feet. There are a few day hikers along the way which provided for interesting conversations. Even the trail runner.

In the morning there are many songbirds that greeted the day. The most common animal on the trail is the lizard. I must’ve seen 1000 of them. They are fast and agile and scooting off the trail long before they’re in danger. They range in size from 2 inches to 8 inches. Occasionally I see a horny toad.

Today the flowers seemed exceptionally proliferous and beautiful today. As I was coming in to Acton I could look north to the hills on the other side and could see some curious rock formations called the Velasquez rocks. Many TV and movies have been filmed there. Arriving at the KOA near Acton I took a shower and did my laundry. Good to get the trail dust off me and my clothes. It was rather hot and was contemplating a night hike.

I hitched a ride into Acton where I was able to resupply at small grocery store and found gluten-free pizza and a cold root beer. It was an easy to hitch a ride back to the KOA. Spent the night here with other hikers and will leave early tomorrow morning. A short day today, just 8 miles. We call that a nero, near zero.

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