4/23/18 4/23/18. Arose with sun and left KOA by 7:15. Cool to start with but warmed up quickly as I headed over the mountain to Agua Dulce. Was greeted by my second rattlesnake of my hike thus far.

Hiked to Velasquez Rocks State Park. It is an area of unusual sedimentary rock formations, sort of a mini Grand Canyon.

Once I arrived Aqua Dulce I went to Hiker Heaven, an extraordinary trail angel that provides many services to hikers. I used their computer for some physical therapy related business.

Hitched a ride back into town where I had dinner and met OJ. We had met earlier on trails several times and hiked together some. We left Agua Dulca at 5pm and hiked to after 10. The night and the companionship were great hiking 11 more miles. We saw a usual insects on the trail including a centipede and a potato bug.We set up our tents and went to bed. Had hiked about 21 miles today.

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