4/28/18. Got up early the next morning,leaving my friends behind and headed to to Tehachapi to meet Dare. The winds were just a strong but it was a beautiful morning. I hiked wind farm most of the morning and then began to climb up the mountain. The winds then died down. I climbed up 3000 feet and 23.5 miles to meet Dare. On the way I passed through another wind farm with strong winds that nearly knocked me over. If I needed

poles to keep me from blowing over.

I met Dare near to Tehachapi and plan on taking a couple days off the trail. It was good to see Dare and good to have a little rest.

One thought on “4/28/18”

  1. Just catching up on your trip. I am glad that you are doing well. The pictures are great, especially the one of the snake. It is a pleasure to live vicariously through you. Good luck and keep plugging along. Loved your leave no trace comment as well. I have updated our Elders Quorum and will do so again on Sunday. Any message to share?


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