I can only post things on WordPress when I have a good cellular connection or Wi-Fi. The last five days I been without either. As I go through the Sierras and other places along the trip my postings may come in batches.

Dare met me near Tehachapi and I took two zero days. It was good to have some time together. I was really dirty after no shower or shave for five days and sleeping in a dust storm the night before. We found nice motel there which had a laundry. So the first order of business was to clean me up which took a lot of scrubbing and soap.

On Sunday we went to church, cleaned clothes and equipment. I found out that I had lost 10 pounds on the trip so much of the day was spent eating.

Monday we went to Bakersfield and saw grandma Ardith who lives by herself and is 90 years old. While in Bakersfield I resupplied then we drove back to Tehachapi organized and packed up.

It was nice sleeping in a real bed for three nights.

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