5/11/18 We got another 4:30 AM start and hiked into the morning dawn.

As the morning progressed I began to feel a little lethargic and my balance was off a little. I thought I was suffering some altitude sickness but after eating a Cliff bar my symptoms resolved. I may have had some hypoglycemia because after that I felt fine.

We made reasonable time and got to McMuley pass and trail and then headed to Horseshoe Meadow Trail head. We hiked about 16 Miles before 1 AM.

Have begun to receive some information about the snow and ice conditions in the miles ahead. Some report as much is 90% of the next 300 miles is covered with snow. That may be an exaggeration. Forrester pass is doable with the right equipment and proper skills. See the following Instagram link: https://instagram.com/p/BiU747fj0Zr/

after talking to a local outfitter Kennedy’s Meadows South with recent information about snow conditions in the Sierras I’ve decided to go home for Mother’s Day and wait awhile for the conditions to improve. Dare will drive down tonight (6 hours) and then will drive back tomorrow. It will be good to surprise the family at home and at church.

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