5/29/18 On 5/11/18 I left the PCT at Trails Pass and hiked down to Horse Shoe Meadow trail head with three other hikers. We got a ride to Lone Pine. I got off the trail and have been home since waiting for better weather and the snow to melt out some. The thee others I was hiking with made it to Bishop with great difficulty and several near death experiences. I believe one is still off the trail and the other two skipped up to the Oregon-California border and are headed south. Others on the trail report post holing up to 6 hours a day, only hiking 15 miles in three day and being caught in white out conditions. Most hikers once they get into the Sierra’s are getting off the trail hanging out in trail towns and doing local sightseeing.

Hopefully I will be back be back on the trail by mid June where I got off but will see if that is a good plan.

Meanwhile I have been spending money on more equipment for the Sierra snow and doing local hikes to keep in shape. I have been helping my wife and family with projects and spending time with my grand kids.

One thought on “5/29/18”

  1. Hey Jack! My family and I saw a small portion of the trail in Sierra City where we checked out Loves Falls. There were quite a few hikers hanging out there. They must be waiting it out as well. Your fitness level is very admirable, those trails sure looked daunting! You should take up photography when you’re done with this adventure, you’re photos are really good! Take care!


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