Well in the Sierras there will many days without cell reception thus posting will be delayed.

6/6/18 I spent the night at Mount Whitney hostile. There were eight men in the room and I didn’t sleep as well as I thought I would. Went out to breakfast and then hitched a ride back to Horseshoe Meadow with an other hiker I met on the bus yesterday. Took about half an hour to get a ride with married hiker couple from Escondido that we’re going to the same trailhead.

Started hiking a little bit before 10 AM. The trailhead is a little under 10,000 feet and as soon as I started hiking I could tell I had lost some of my fitness and acclimation to altitude. By lunchtime I have time I was over 11,000 feet. As the afternoon went on I was really struggling with the altitude. It had been 3 1/2 weeks since I have been at altitude for any length of time. By mid afternoon I’ve had enough but it only gone 8 miles but was over 11,000 feet.

Although it was a tough day it was good to be back on the trail. The high Sierra‘s are wonderful with unique vegetation of the Bristlecone Pine and the granite ridges and peaks are inspiring. Camped near a beautiful lake in a glaciated bowl with several other hikers. What a view.

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