7/2/18. Hiked 21.8 miles to mile 1129.7. Continue to push miles to make it out to Donner Summit tomorrow for Dare to pick me up. Continue to hike through the Desolation Wilderness passing an the area that I have a camped and hiked before the Velma Lakes. in the afternoon though I had lunch and plenty of water I was feeling tired so I took a nap and this was my view.

In the morning when I get up and start hiking and eat a bar. Then about an hour two later have another bar. I have a midmorning snack about 10 or 11. Between 12 and 12:30 I have my favorite lunch, which is a tortilla with peanut butter trail mix and Fritos on it. I’ve had a trail name now for about 1000 miles which I guess has stuck. I’m named after the rabbit Thumper in Bambi because I hop down the trail. Thanks OJ (Outdoor Junkie) for the name.I hiked to about 830 this evening and entered the Granite Chief Wilderness.

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