7/17 Hiked 30.1 miles to trail mile 1408.4. Arose early in the morning and headed out by myself. Shortly there after I ran into Upstream and we hiked through the day together. She is a recent high school graduate and hiked the John Muir trail last year.

About 6:15 AM I passed my friends who had come by last night who are fast asleep. Upstream and I continued to hike throughout the day. Early in the day we came to a surprise of trail magic. There were iced sodas and waters, bananas, oranges and lots of sweets and snacks. What a delight.

This is a tough section of the trail there was a little water and it was quite hot. As we continued on off in the distance to the north I can see Mount Shasta.I had to stop about 2 o’clock and just lay down for 45 minutes rest and cool down. Thank goodness there was water catche so no water haul was longer than 13 miles. We establish a goal to go about 30 miles near to the town of Burney. We arrived at our destination at 8:30 PM. My feet and legs were filthy with trail dust and my blue T-shirt had salt stains that may it looked like it had been tie-dyed. We made our goal.

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