7/24/18 Hiked 22.0 miles to trail mile 1543.1. Etna 56.6 miles ahead. I’ll met Layne Howell and take a zero at his home. Fire on trail in southern Oregon has trail closed and causing smoke problems in the the region so I’ll skip up a ways after Etna. Visibility has been poor due to the smoke especially in the morning.

Took a short nap at lunchtime. This is my view during my nap.Today was cooler with clouds and a breeze. Had a thunderstorm about 6:30 so set tent up in a hurry, had dinner and went to bed. Tent worked well so enjoyed the storm with its rain, hail lightning and thunder.

One thought on “7/24/18”

  1. I have been wondering how you are coming along and getting through the fire area in Shasta. No FB posts since you were in Donner but I see that you might have been hacked. I know your batteries are limited, but I will follow now that I figgured out you are probly in Oregon by now! Power to you Jack!


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