8/5-10/18 8/5/18 Got off the trail at Ashland and caught a ride with the Howell’s to Diamond Lake about 130 miles to avoid the smoke. Camped at the trail head on Sunday evening 8/5.

Got up early on Monday 8/6 and hiked 30.6 miles with Bear Cub whom I had last seen in Desolation Wilderness. The trail was definitely less smoky with easier hiking.

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday (8/7-9) I followed the same pattern of getting up early and hiking late. On 8/10 I got up early and hike 21 miles to McKenzie Pass and got a ride into the town of Sisters for resupply.

Want to get to Pacific Crest Trail days at Cascade Locks by 8/17. Brian Stephensen will meet me there on 8/19. That means I need to hike about 27 miles a day with a couple of nero’s for resupply.

In Oregon the forest has been much more consistent but there are quite a few areas

that have been burned out. Wildflowers are plentiful.

There are many lakes and ponds throughout the region which makes getting water much easier. The Cascades are a volcanic region with numerous volcanoes and lava flows.

One thought on “8/5-10/18”

  1. You are looking great Jack. The wild flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Amazing amount of miles you’re hiking each day.


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