8/28-9/1/18 Hiking 20 to 25 miles a day. The weather has been cloudy often and occasionally we’ve had some sunny days. Views have spectacular as we hiked around Mount Rainier and towards Snowquaimie Pass. Have been hiking with Smokebeard from Rhode Island and Faceplant from North Carolina the last few days. On 8/30 it rained during the night and unfortunately I put my tent in a little spot got pretty wet. Oh well live and learn. We have seen an eaten miles of huckleberries. We have had several occasions when we had trail magic also at unsuspecting times.

One thought on “8/28-9/1/18”

  1. How fun for you to have company, huckleberries, and beauty while you are completing a long term goal. Congratulations! Beautiful photos. Should be back shortly with on a couple of hundred miles to go. Looking forward to seeing you again. Love, the Pettys


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