9/2-5/18 Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass, Washington

9/218 Hiked 9.7 miles to trail mile 3402. Snoqualmie passes is on interstate 90. The last interstate that I across. Back on the trail the end of Labor Day weekend. A lot of day hikers, runners and dogs on the trail made for interesting climb. Hiked with my friends Smoke Beard Bonfire and No Nuts and later we camped together with Face Plant, Bones and an Australia mother and her two daughters.

The beautiful Cascades with light that dances with the clouds

9/3/18 Hiked 19.8 miles to trail mile 2422.6. Did a lot of climbing in the sending of you travel through the Cascades today. Pica a member of the rabbit family greeting me on the trail.

Water dancing down the rocks. Lots of water here in Washington. if the sun came out during the day it is an opportunity for me to dry my tent sleeping bag and ground cloth.

9/4/18. Hiked 26.5 miles to trail mile 2448.9. Frost on the tents this morning but no rain during the night. Hiked the afternoon with No Nuts caught up at Bonfire about 8:30 that night. It was a long day.

9/5/18. 15.3 miles to Stevens Pass and then get a ride to Leavenworth to resupply. Slept at night in the KOA campground.

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