9/6-10/18 Stevens Pass to Holden

9/6/18 Hiked 11.1 miles to trail mile 2474.3. As I was hitch out of Leavenworth to get back to Stevens Pass on the trail the driver was also carrying Boy Scouts 1and 2. I hiked with them and with Bonfire and No Nuts that day. bonfire on the left from Japan and No Nuts (is allergic to nuts) on the right from Germany.

9/7/18 Hiked 22.9 miles to trail mile 2498.2. Sprinkled some today. Cooked dinner from inside my tent with the stove in the vestibule so I could stay warm this evening. 9/8/18 Hiked to 22.5 miles to trail mile 2520.8. It sprinkled on us some today. A not so good bridge. There are many log bridges route Washington.

Hiking into the evening brought rich rewards as the sun began to set.

9/9/18 Hiked 23.6 miles to trail mile 2549.1. Noted several fires off to the north west today. Contacted authorities through my inReach SOS satellite communication system. This led to a cascade of text messages back-and-forth and notification of my family that I was calling for help. I got it straightened out after a few more messages to my family but their heart rates had been elevated. I was in no danger.

Crowded camping space with my friends last night. Boy Scout 1

9/10/18 Hiked 18 miles to the town of Holden. There had been a fire in this region earlier in the year and we had a reroute to get around it. The reroute took us to the town of Holden which is off the trail. It is an old copper mining town that has been converted to a retreat. There are no roads that go to it. You can only get there by ferry or on foot. However they had great food and great accommodations.

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