8/27/19 to 9/2/19 Finishing the PCT

8/27/19 Trail mile 1746.1, Miles hiked 16.0 Still very hotimg_0556img_0557

8/28/19 Trail Mile 1754.1, Miles hike 18.0


8/29/19 Trail mile1778.8, Miles hiked 20.1 Great trail magic by Clementine.  Night sprinkles.


8/30/19 Trail mile 1796.0, Miles hiked 18.3.  Cooler today.  More climbing today.  10 mile water hall. Good view of forest.   Sprinkles at nightimg_0572img_0573img_0574img_0576

8/31/19 Trail mile 1814.0, Miles hike 18.0  Hiked through large burned area.img_0579img_0580img_0581img_0582img_0590img_0591img_0592img_0594

9/1/19 Trail mile 1839.2 via alternate rim trail, Miles hiked 20.5 Entered Crater Lake National park.  Park busy on Labor Day weekend.  Did alternate rim trail late afternoon.  Great views Crater Lake.



9/2/19 Trail Mile 1847.8, Hiked 9.0 miles.


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