Easy today hiked 14 miles to Sissors Crossing.

Had some trail magic there. Volunteers were cooking hamburgers hotdogs feeding us all kinds of goodies and then took us into Julian.

Spent the night in Julian at Carmans. It is restaurant and when she closes it down at night they pull the tables and chairs back and we can sleep there. She’s done this for years and serves the hikers food and beverages. A lot of trail today.

Picture of hikers hanging around Carmens waiting for it to close. Talking about everything from the trail to politics.


Had a good day yesterday.. Hiked about 17 miles and climbed about 2000 feet. The desert was beautiful I can be treacherous. Water is always an issue in the desert unlike the Sierra’s. Have hauled up to 6 L at a time already.

Have enjoyed hearing the sounds of nature. Have heard geese, ducks, owls, many birds, stellar jays and coyotes. The desert is alive with wildlife and vegetation.

3/28/18. First day on the trail. Arrived with 24 other hikers. Left southern terminus about 7:45 AM. Got together at two fellow hikers. Quaw, from Montreal Canada and Adam from Wales. Pushed hard all day and did 20 miles, more than I had planned on but doable.

Hiked in mountainous desert all day. Temperature was about 75°. Helicopters flying overhead reminded me that we are near the border.

Five days before I hit the trail and this is what I will be taking and wearing on the trail. My dry pack weight is 13.3 pounds. When I hit the Sierras I will add a few items including micro spikes ice ax and bear canister which will take me up to about 17 1/2 pounds.