8/17-20/18. Spent Friday And Saturday and Pacific Crest Trail days. Met many of my old hiking partners and acquaintances on the trail. Purchased a new backpack and trekking ing polls to complete the hike. Brian joined me on Saturday night. 8/17-20. Sunday we went to church and got ready to depart on Monday.


8/17/18. Sleep until 6 AM this morning and then hit the trail Hiked 16 miles into Cascade Locks and PCT days. Many hikers will gather there for the next 2 to 3 days as we learn about the trail and equipment available. I crossed the Columbia River into the state Washington. I got a motel in Stevenson and will meet Brian Stephensen here


8/16/18 Hiked 33.4 miles to trail mile 2130.3 Got up early and hiked around Mount Hood. mI ran into No Nuts, Bonfire, Minnie and Bear and hiked with them most of the day. The forest just thick with vegetation including not only blueberries but huckleberries now. Hiked a little off trail to a beautiful waterfall.At lunchtime came to the road and there was trail magic was someone providing us watermelon, fresh fruit and sodas and a place to sit. Hiked till 9 pm had dinner and went to bed.


8/14/18 Hiked 33.2 miles to trail mile 2078.8. Hiked 10 miles by 10 am and 15 miles by noon. The forest is beautiful in this area with many old growth areas. Blueberries are coming into season giving us a tasty treat. Camped today at small lake that was clear and cold and 40 feet deep called Little Crater Lake.