8/11/18 Got a ride from the town of Sisters back to the trail in the late afternoon after re-supplying. The trail is quite rough and slow going due to a 4 mile lava section. Hiked 7.7 miles to trail mile 1991.4. It was cooler and windy but clear giving me some great view of the sisters mountains.


8/5-10/18 8/5/18 Got off the trail at Ashland and caught a ride with the Howell’s to Diamond Lake about 130 miles to avoid the smoke. Camped at the trail head on Sunday evening 8/5.

Got up early on Monday 8/6 and hiked 30.6 miles with Bear Cub whom I had last seen in Desolation Wilderness. The trail was definitely less smoky with easier hiking.

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday (8/7-9) I followed the same pattern of getting up early and hiking late. On 8/10 I got up early and hike 21 miles to McKenzie Pass and got a ride into the town of Sisters for resupply.

Want to get to Pacific Crest Trail days at Cascade Locks by 8/17. Brian Stephensen will meet me there on 8/19. That means I need to hike about 27 miles a day with a couple of nero’s for resupply.

In Oregon the forest has been much more consistent but there are quite a few areas

that have been burned out. Wildflowers are plentiful.

There are many lakes and ponds throughout the region which makes getting water much easier. The Cascades are a volcanic region with numerous volcanoes and lava flows.


8/4/18 Hiked 4.1miles to trail mile 1718.7. Got up early and hiked to the Ashland turn off. Short hike easy miles. Then caught a ride into Ashland got a motel did my laundry and got a shower. Oh the simple pleasures. Resupplied for getting back on the trail and spent the night in Ashland.


8/3/18 Hiked 26.9 miles to trail mile 1714.6. Passed into Oregon and passed 1700 mile mark. Cooler today. Hiked in forest most of the day. Met groundhog from New Hampshire at lunchtime. Hiked with him the rest of the day. Hiked with groundhog.

8/2/18 Hiked about 22 miles and climbed 5000 feet to trail mile 1687.7. Got up early and continue to hiking up the road about 5 miles. Then got back on the trail. This section of trail had been burned previously and was it pretty smoky through the morning. Cleared up this afternoon to got some Good visibility. Has been cooler and breezy here this afternoon. Hiked out of the burnt area back into the forest. This is an example of a spring and how are used a leaf to collect the water.


8/1/18 Hiked 17.1 miles to trail mile 1655.9 Got up early as usual and headed towards Seiad Valley. Ran into some other hikers I hiked with in the desert.

Pretty smoky this morning difficult to see the Marble Mountain. Here’s example of marble. I had a hamburger in the Seiad Valley and then hung around until it cooled off. Decided to skip some of the trail and got a ride up a dirt road 5 miles camped with 15 others. Cleaned up in the creek.


7/30/18 Hiked 15.4 miles to trail mile 1615.1. After staying at Howell’s place in Fort Klamath for 2 days and attending church with them I got a ride back with the Walkers to Yreka then hitched to Etna. Slept in the city park in Etna then this morning I hitched a ride back to the trail.

It was the smoking in the morning but as usual as the day went on and the wind came up things cleared out of it. I entered the Marble Mountain Wilderness. There is quite a bit of all burn forest I hiked through today.