8/2/18 Hiked about 22 miles and climbed 5000 feet to trail mile 1687.7. Got up early and continue to hiking up the road about 5 miles. Then got back on the trail. This section of trail had been burned previously and was it pretty smoky through the morning. Cleared up this afternoon to got some Good visibility. Has been cooler and breezy here this afternoon. Hiked out of the burnt area back into the forest. This is an example of a spring and how are used a leaf to collect the water.


8/1/18 Hiked 17.1 miles to trail mile 1655.9 Got up early as usual and headed towards Seiad Valley. Ran into some other hikers I hiked with in the desert.

Pretty smoky this morning difficult to see the Marble Mountain. Here’s example of marble. I had a hamburger in the Seiad Valley and then hung around until it cooled off. Decided to skip some of the trail and got a ride up a dirt road 5 miles camped with 15 others. Cleaned up in the creek.


7/30/18 Hiked 15.4 miles to trail mile 1615.1. After staying at Howell’s place in Fort Klamath for 2 days and attending church with them I got a ride back with the Walkers to Yreka then hitched to Etna. Slept in the city park in Etna then this morning I hitched a ride back to the trail.

It was the smoking in the morning but as usual as the day went on and the wind came up things cleared out of it. I entered the Marble Mountain Wilderness. There is quite a bit of all burn forest I hiked through today.


7/27/18 Hiked 13.6 miles to trail 1599.7. Got up early and was on the trail my 5 AM with a headlamp. Pushed hard throughout the morning and arrived at the road before 11 AM.

I had an interesting view of Mount Shasta poking up through the smoke. Once I got on the road to Etna I as able to hitch a ride where Layne Howell met me at took me to his home for a couple days off the trail.


7/26/18 Hiked 20.0 miles to trail mile 1586.1. Hiked 10miles by Lunchtime. A lot of smoke still to the east in to the north. Had continued views of the Trinity Alps. I Was planning on hiking another 15 miles in the afternoon but the difficulty of the climbs was more of a challenge than expected. Had I hiked to the next campsite and water I would have been in the dark. So I decided to get up early the next morning to get to the road at Etna


7/25/18 Hiked 23.0 miles to trail mile 1566.1. A little warm today but very little smoke. Trail is fairly gentle without any big climbs except one 1200 foot climb at the end of the day.

Met Box on the trail whom I hiked with Southern California. Also ran into Ketchup whom I hiked with in Tuolumne Meadows.

Entered the Trinity Alps Wilderness had some spectacular views of the Trinity Alps.

Water sources have mostly been springs and very small streams. At times it has been difficult to collect the water. At the end of the day however I had a nice creek with an opportunity to clean up and wash a few items. After hiking in the desert in Northern California I have a greater appreciation for the ease of access to waterI have at home.

This journey through California has been amazing and in a few more miles I’ll be leaving California and heading to Oregon. I’m looking forward to Oregon with its forest and volcanic mountains. We live in a beautiful world.


7/24/18 Hiked 22.0 miles to trail mile 1543.1. Etna 56.6 miles ahead. I’ll met Layne Howell and take a zero at his home. Fire on trail in southern Oregon has trail closed and causing smoke problems in the the region so I’ll skip up a ways after Etna. Visibility has been poor due to the smoke especially in the morning.

Took a short nap at lunchtime. This is my view during my nap.Today was cooler with clouds and a breeze. Had a thunderstorm about 6:30 so set tent up in a hurry, had dinner and went to bed. Tent worked well so enjoyed the storm with its rain, hail lightning and thunder.


7/23/18. Hiked 19.8 miles trail mile 1521.1 Passed the 1500 mile mark yesterday. Up early today and hitched a ride back to the trail. Hot day with big climbed and a lot of sun exposure. Had to take breaks in the shade and drink plenty of water. Hiked to 8:15 pm.

Had great view of Castle Craig from the west. At one spring I saw the picture plant which is carnivores.


7/22//18 Hiked 16.6 miles to trail 1501.2. This morning started with a big climb at about 2000 feet. We had of Shasta while we are climbing. Then as we went over the summit we could see Castle Craig.

We then descended to the Sacramento River and Interstate 5. Got a ride into Dunsmuir for a resupply day.


7/21/18 Hiked 22.6 miles to trail mile 1484.6 We are at a lower elevation now and it is warmer but we are mostly in the shade of the forest

Met a family at the McCloud River Campground. They were very kind and gave us something to drink and fresh fruit. They were spontaneous trail angels.

It’s a common occurrence that we come in contact with people on the trail, in town or when hitchhiking on the road they are very kind to us and helpful and all are interested in our adventure.